Ever-Bustling Early 20th Century Toronto


No Postmark– Around 1920s

The cityscape of Toronto, with its many tall buildings adorned with fine architectural detail and its bustling street-level activity, is most akin to what Americans encounter in the busy cities of New York and Chicago.  These early 20th century postcards highlight the magnitude of Toronto even then.  The people and vintage vehicles in these tinted images add interest and help define scale.


No Postmark — Around 1920s



Postmarked 1910



 Postmarked 1918



Postmarked 1939



21 responses

  1. These are fantastic pictures, Brett. Growing up just one hour west of Toronto, I am very familiar with the city and love its energy. Thank you as always! cher xo

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  4. Oh my these are great!! I used to work near Old City Hall next to Nathan Philips Square in Toronto…such a lovely city now…I mean it was nice before but it is more alive and warm now.

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