Urban Art: Bronze Cows in Toronto


Art in urban settings is great to bring us out of ourselves and to refresh our minds.  A wonderful example is artist Joe Fafard’s The Pasture, a group of bronze cows posed lazily resting in the bucolic setting of the Toronto-Dominion Centre office park (designed by Mies van der Rohe), is perfect for providing an unexpected feeling of being far away from the nearby hustle and bustle of the Financial District.

CowsDSC_0824 CowsDSC_0825 CowsDSC_0826 CowsDSC_0827

52 responses

  1. Here in Hartford we have a bunch of boulders “artfully arranged” in what is called “Stone Field ” these cows look so much better. The cows do give a feeling of separation from the city.

  2. Really enjoyed the photographs and the story. Thank you.
    I will be travelling next year 2016 in June to Toronto to celebrate the 65th birthday there and than travel onwards to family in London, Ontario together with daughter and grandson.
    This is something to experience and enjoy. All the best in your journeys and adventures.

  3. Cows do well in poetry but less well in sculpture. These are an exception. Here in England we have some (awful) famous concrete cows in Milton Keynes. Your Canadian cows win by a country mile.

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