Distillery District Door and Window Combo


This smallish window and nearby door in Toronto’s Distillery District caught my eye both because of their curves and the forest green shared by each opening.  In addition to the well-preserved historic buildings, this area of the city features a wide range of exceptional restaurants, bars and small shops.


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    • Ahhh! What a twisted mind you and I must both have because a similar thought crossed my mind, perhaps. This may be due to the age of the door and because it appearance and heavy iron structure seems fitting for a furnace or chimney door.

  1. Great photos of a most intriguing window and door. Nice to see something being preserved in this city. Toronto is notorious for routinely destroying its past and replacing it with something ugly! Thanks for posting!

    • Richard, thanks! To your point, when I was recently in Toronto the number of construction cranes visible in every direction was astounding!

  2. Distillery District is a very interesting place in Canada. I very like this place. This building door and window are very beautiful and very attractive. Thanks for sharing this.

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