For the Love of Old Barns


Rustic Barn with Red Doors, Windows and Roof, Ile d’Orleans, Quebec

“I’m so glad you’re here . . . 

It helps me realize how beautiful my world is.”

                                                              ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

30 responses

  1. I love this! I have to tell you I so look forward to your blog. Ile d’Orleans is one of the prettiest spots on our planet. My ancestor Jean Baril who settled in Quebec from France in the early 1600s was married on Ile d’Orleans. That place is in my blood. Thanks for the lovely photo.

    • Cynthia, thanks! I agree about this island, which is beautiful and gorgeously situated along the St. Lawrence as that river widens on its way to the sea. That’s a wonderful historical connection you have to this place also!

  2. A great old barn and close to the water and close to the wind. Looking at those substantial hinges on the doors I would say someone has been hit in the rear quite a few times. The wind always blows the door shut on a behind. Barn doors never seem to have a heavy enough hinge to suit me. I once saw a barn in Michigan it had black walnut beams in the frame beneath the hay mow,10 inch beams. Love your pictures and love Canada.

  3. Your photo is bringing back some nice memories. I visited Ile D’Orleans two summers ago and could barely lay my camera down. Strawberry stands everywhere. Got some great shots at an outdoor antique dealers. Lovely photo, Brett!

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