The Ancient Prayers of Compline


I’m definitely an amateur photographer at best.  So I was pleased to be asked recently to allow a photo I’d taken of a simple, well-worn pew inside an old church on the Nova Scotia shore to be used for a poster for an upcoming concert  by Acadia University’s distinguished Manning Chapel Choir.  Of course, I was more than happy to do so (and the request  made my day)!

The sunset concert of Compline, or night prayers, will be sung, appropriately, in a former old church in the small town of Harbourville on the Bay of Fundy about a week before Canada’s Thanksgiving Day.  The concert poster is above and the original blog post and series of photos that prompted the request is here.  More about the concert and the Manning Chapel Choir can be found here.

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  1. Congratulations on the honour & a well-deserved honour it is, too. And thank you for linking back to that earlier post — I’d read it, but forgotten it, and was happy to enjoy those images again.

  2. On the end of the pew, I would imagine that is a piece of iron across the top holding the wood frame together and then a wooden arm rest attached to it. Is the end of the pew open? It looks to me like floorboards underneath in a lot better condition because no one ever walked on them. What a grand old church. Thanks for another great picture. Congratulations.

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