Old Baptist Church, St. Croix Cove, N.S.


Not far from the Bay of Fundy shore of the northern Annapolis Valley sits this very old and humble Baptist church.  The colored glass windows are adorned simply with a subtle yellow-hued cross motif and a few complementary colors in the other panes.  Every weathered detail of its cedar-shingle exterior and its intimate understated interior testifies to its long history and the many lives and life-stories that have been shared within.

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  1. Well done! Reminds me a little bit of a small church in Dorothy, AB that I shot a few years ago (Dorothy is a one-horse hamlet just a short distance from Drumheller, in case you are ever nearby and find yourself with some time on your hands).

    • I’d like to make it out that way sometime. Small churches like this dotted across the countryside far and wide were part of the social glue that bound people together.

  2. Gorgeous photos, Brett! My best friend got married (10 years ago last week, actually) in a little local church that could be the exact twin of this one, inside and out. Some people think bigger and more elaborate is better with churches, but there’s just something about a simple, quaint, old-fashioned one like this that will always endear them more than any “super church” ever could.

    Are you on Pinterest, Brett? If not, I hope you’ll consider joining sometime and uploading your beautiful pics. I just love that first one of the pew.

    • Wendy, thanks and I agree with your excellent observations. The photo of the pew has the yellow light of the window’s cross shining across it but that doesn’t come through very well in that image.

  3. Gorgeous photos, Brett. The church is so beautiful in its simplicity. I especially like the one of the pew bathed in amber light. What stories those walls could tell. Thank you for posting!

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  5. Wonderful pics which enhance the story of these small churches. I was also pleased to see a church so well maintained. I live within an hour of Bridgetown so intend to see it for myself.

    • Thanks! If you go, that stretch of Shore Road is a beautiful drive with lots of vistas of fields and hills with the ocean in the background.

    • Thanks. This was one of those photo shoots that did prompt me to reflect on many things about the church, its history and its congregation.

  6. This is so beautiful in its simplicity and reminds me very much of very old Baptist churches you will find in deep rural southern states in the U S.

      • indeed, there are many in the southern states, north Florida , Ga. Al. etc. A lot of them are African American places of worship still vibrant to this day, one can still hear the gospel songs ringing out on Sunday morning. Absolutely beautiful.

      • Being down South myself, I love stumbling upon such old places, especially in small communities throughout the Appalachian mountain region. Those places also share many cultural things with rural eastern Canada.

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