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    • The long weekend for Canadians is coming up isn’t it? Not sure whether another image would be more fitting but I hope you enjoy the holiday in any event.

  1. Beautiful capture with a fabulous quote. My copy of Astrid Blodgett’s book arrived today – perfect timing for our May-Long weekend. Thank you again for the recommendation!😀

  2. Hello we have looked though your blog and really enjoy the great artwork, pictures, and writing that have here!
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    We are spreading the project ourselves, but could use some help. We were wondering if you guys could help us spread the word? Any help is greatly appreciated 🙂 Thanks, and have a great day! Our KickStarter Project link is: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1168744026/happy-project-spread-joy-with-the-worlds-happiest

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