Intricate Pebble Paintings by Kristina Boardman

K. Boardman, Caras Pebbles

Kristina Boardman, “Cara’s Pebbles”

Photo-realistic paintings, such as these by BC-based artist Kristina Boardman, easily fool the casual observer as well as the more-studied eye.  That’s amazing enough!  But in addition, these works of pain-staking exactitude nicely capture the whimsy and pleasure of surveying a shoreline adorned with swaths of smooth-faced multi-colored stones and pebbles that have been thrown together randomly over long periods.

Although the realism of these paintings dictate a dominant blue-gray hue, Boardman wonderfully conveys nuance within that muted palette and complements this with perfect pops of other earth tones and pleasing juxtapositions of size and shape.  The compositions of some of these images, such as “Cara’s Pebbles” (above), suggest small jewels just underfoot.

Among other venues, her work is available at the Ian Tan Gallery in Vancouver and can also be viewed on Boardman’s website here.

K. Boardman, Communication

Kristina Boardman, “Communication”


K. Boardman, Saltspring Sunday

Kristina Boardman, “Saltspring Sunday”


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  1. Reminds me of the cement walkway that leads to the entrance of my parents house. We collected rocks and pebbles from different places across Atlantic Canada and brought them home as a decoration to act as siding for the cement walkway.

  2. You’re in my province this week! 😆 I have seen this artist’s work. It is gorgeous. I want to touch the stones. I like how just a few colourful stones just provides a little pop of colour.

  3. I have always collected rocks, stones and sea glass. Coming home from a trip to CA the porter asked me, “What is in your bag, mam, rocks?” I said “Yes”
    Your paintings are so beautiful

  4. I’d rather beachcomb and look at rocks than sit around and tan when we go to the water. I photograph the rocks. I’d paint them if I could. Glad to find this link on your site today. 🙂 I actually came from a postcard link elsewhere.

  5. Brett, thank you so much for the wonderful article! I was surprised to stumble upon it, and am really honoured that you chose to write about my work. I love your blog and your diverse collection of interesting people, places and things about Canada. Many thanks!!

    • Hi, Kristina, thanks for your kind words and your terrific art! As your past exhibitions and the comments on this post attest, you and your beautiful paintings have many admirers (including me)! All the best, Brett

  6. Wonderful to read the various links so many of us have with stones. Kristina Boardman is a very talented artist who has chosen a perfect Muse. Thanks for the posting.

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