Toronto Loves Public Art!


“Large Two Forms” (1966 & 1969), Henry Moore

Toronto’s diversity is reflected in the wide array of public art, especially sculpture, that can be seen on block after block in its downtown core.  Encounters with public art as we hustle from place to place provide moments for reflection and inspiration and help to remind us of our connections to deeper things and to one another.

These pieces from out and about merely scratch the surface of the city’s offerings. (I forgot to get the titles for a couple of these pieces.)

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  1. I’ve seen most of these statues and they do provide a sense of creativity in Toronto’s otherwise bleak and uninspiring urban landscape – I know it all too well; I live here 😦 Thanks for posting!

  2. Hurrah! Now you’re in my own back yard! I went by Two Forms just this morning — a friend & I went to the AGO for the Mystical Landscapes show, & saluted the sculpture, standing guard at the street corner. Did you know that it is about to be moved? For very good reasons: it will be a prominent feature of Grange Park (the community park immediately behind the AGO & flanked by OCAD).which is now being transformed & greatly enhanced.

  3. I’ve been to Toronto a few times because for a short period of time we lived in St. Catherine’s. I think public displays of art in cities adds so much to that city’s character. It’s not all about tall buildings.

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