Amazing Landscape Artistry of Philip Buytendorp, Jennifer Woodburn and Steve Coffey

Browsing at a local Barnes & Noble the other night I came across the Fall 2012 issue of Arabella , a Canadian arts quarterly.  Standing out within the 400 or so glossy pages were the works of Philip BuytendorpSteve Coffey and Jennifer Woodburn, three amazing landscape artists each painting in a decidedly impressionistic style that for me harkens back to the talented Group of Eight.   Buytendorp’s canvases  convey an aesthetic and color palette that is highly reminiscent of Tom Thomson’s vivid Canadian landscapes, while Woodburn’s style has a beautifully dreamy appeal and Coffey’s mannerism is soulful.   Nice profile writing by Kylie Serebrin on two of these artists.

Sites / links for more info on these artists and their galleries:   Philip Buytendorp * * Jennifer Woodburn * * Steve Coffey

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