Manu Keggenhoff’s Photography of the North

Manu Keggenhoff -- Arctic Cup O Grease

Arctic Cup O Grease

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I’m a sucker for images of the lonely, serene beauty of the far northern wilderness — they readily draw me in and don’t easily let me go.  So, I was delighted recently to happen upon the work of Manu Keggenhoff, an Atlin, B.C.-based photographer whose exquisitely keen sense of composition wonderfully showcases the Yukon, British Columbia and other northern regions.  She also has a lot going on that’s worth checking out.  Among other things, her work is on display through the end of this month at the “Mood of the Land” exhibit at the Yukon Arts Centre; she’s just published a sumptuous photo book, Northern Exposure, about the Atlin, B.C. area; she’s working on a new series of photographs called “Art and Soul” that looks intriguing; and she does graphic design for Yukon, North of Ordinary magazine.

See Keggenhoff’s website for more of her outstanding photography.

M. Keggenhoff -- Northern Exposure

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Manu Keggenhoff -- Snow Relic

Snow Relic

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Manu Keggenhoff -- Burning Sky

Burning Sky

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Manu Keggenhoff -- Aurora Across Atlin Lake

Aurora Across Atlin Lake

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Mood of the Land

A Virtual Trip to The Yukon

The Yukon by Pat and Baiba Morrow 1997

A few weeks ago I finished a couple of well executed photography books that convey the fantastic grandeur of the Yukon.  Fritz Mueller’s Yukon: A Wilder Place, with text by Teresa Earle, capture’s the natural side of this stunning and vast wilderness while Pat and Baiba Morrow’s The Yukon focuses more on the human side of this remote territory.  Together the books provide a virtual trip across a magical land where very few people live or dare to venture, its mysteries thus tucked safely away for the hardy few.  As Mueller and Earle note, “In a world where nature is becoming more cultivated, more compromised, and more rare, the Yukon is a wilder place.”

More photographs and information on these books can be found at the sites for Fritz Mueller and Pat & Baiba Morrow.

T. Earle & F. Mueller, Yukon

_ _ _

Fritz Mueller -- Kathleen River

Fritz Mueller — Kathleen River

_ _ _

Fritz Mueller -- Yukon Aurora

Fritz Mueller — Yukon Aurora

_ _ _

Fritz Mueller -- Slims River

Fritz Mueller — Slims River

_ _ _

Fritz Mueller -- Tombstone Mountain

Fritz Mueller — Tombstone Mountain

_ _ _

Fritz Mueller -- Quill Creek

Fritz Mueller — Quill Creek

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