Beautiful Old Railroad Bridge, Near Clementsport, N.S.


Near Sunset and Low Tide, Old Railway Bridge, Clementsport, N.S.


This rusted old iron railway bridge near Clementsport / Upper Clements in the Annapolis Valley area of Nova Scotia held my fascination one late Fall afternoon as the sunset slowly crept in.   The point at which the forlorn bridge and its ancient wood trestle crosses the tidal river bend is both scenic and serene.  On this occasion, the deep chipping orange-brown rust and the weathered blue-greens of the bridge’s structure harmonized perfectly with the complementary tones in the cloudy sky, the cool water and the distant hills.






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    • Thanks so much — that sunset really got my attention! The light at that time of day is also quite good for photography. By the way, I love the images on your site as well! Best, Brett

  1. Brett, this is beautiful! Nova Scotia is my favorite province (and you are hearing this from a Canuck)! *grin* Thank you for yet another of a long line of beautiful posts! Cher xo

    • Cher, thanks for your kind words! I may be smitten by Nova Scotia too! (By the way, you got a shout out from a “Wolfie” on my About page.) Best, Brett

      • Yes, despite the fact I find something endearing about each province, there is a special energy in Nova Scotia I cannot explain. Oh my! Thank you for letting me know about the howl out, I mean “shout out” *grin* from Wolfie on your About page. Thank you, Brett, and I do hope you are keeping warm whilst we remain in the frost zone! Cher xo

    • Simon, thanks. I use a Nikon D7000, which is a very versatile camera. There are so many good digital SLRs available these days and that’s just one if them. Of course, many other things make a difference in the pics, such as choice of lens and use of a tripod, but main thing I think is how one looks at things and composes an image. Your own images are terrific. Best, Brett

  2. I found your site thanks to my “Craving Color” post (of a pomegranate). I appreciate your way here of staying with the subject—seeing it from different points of view. One shot I’m still curious to see—a frame-filling close up of the orange and blue peeling surface.

    • I love close ups — such as your “Craving Color” image — and your suggestion is a great idea for a shot! I could not get close enough and didn’t have a good lens for that at the time, but that would be terrific.

  3. What a beautiful post. I did an internship about 14 years at the former CFB Cornwallis near Clementsport and am now trying to figure out if I remember a bridge. I apparently missed this!

    • Louise, neat that you’re familiar with that area! You may have a better sense of the local geography and the bridge is on the way to Annapolis Royal, possibly closer to Upper Clements (that town and Clementsport seem to run together).

    • Thanks for the kind comments. Actually, I’m from here in the U.S. — just down the road from y’all in Atlanta — and after last week’s traffic chaos in Atlanta resulting from a mere couple of inches of snow, I imagine that even our normally polite Canadian friends can’t be blamed for a good laugh at our expense.

      • Ah yes, now I see, so you are. I just read your About page! I saw the debacle in Atlanta on the news. People were upset the government didn’t do more to keep the roads clean. I guess they don’t realize it costs millions of dollars to keep that kind of equipment ready for winter weather and it probably occurs like that only once every 10 years or more. For anyone in the South I have a good driving tip. If the roads are icey, STAY HOME. The roads will be clear tomorrow!

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  5. This bridge is amazing and your photographs are stunning!!. My husband and I are just starting to build an O gage model train display and a bridge like this would be a nice addition to our display. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  6. Very good photos. I photograph old places/ buildings here in Ontario. My challenge this summer (set for myself) is to photograph one of the older concrete highway bridges before it’s demolished and replaced. Not so easy to find access where the police won’t be annoyed about having a car stopped by the bridge, either over it or under it.

    • Laura, thanks. I like old structures as well, which usually have lots of character. Finding a good, safe vantage point is often a big challenge. I hope your summer photo adventure is wonderful! Brett

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