An A++ for Toronto’s Gadabout Vintage



While spending a late morning in Toronto’s very hip Leslieville neighborhood I happened upon Gadabout, a fantastic vintage shop showcasing all manner of things from bygone eras.  The store’s very friendly proprietor, Victoria Dinnick, was cheerily helpful and wonderfully gracious in allowing my impromptu photography in her jam-packed two-story shop.  Equally as impressive as Gadabout’s extensive offerings of vintage items are the mad and clever organizational skills on display.  For instance,  numerous rustic cabinets and drawers are carefully labeled to hint at the nifty contents tucked within just waiting for the curious.   (In one such drawer I found the heart-shaped box pictured below, with which I later happily surprised my sweetie.)

I plan to share several categories of photographs — including clothing, housewares, figurines and toys — from this neat little shop in future posts and these shots are just a sampling.  More on Gadabout can be found at its official site here (or stop in over on Queen Street East!).





















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  1. Thank you for liking my blog! I like yours, too, and have signed up to follow it. I have visited Canada many times, and always enjoy seeing the wonderful sites. I especially like antique, thrift, consignment stores, and this one looks like a wonderland. I am 94 years old now and don’t travel very much, but if I could, Canada or Alaska would be my choice.

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  3. I would love to jumped in the photo of all the textiles, I am going to have to make some trips out and about before the slow falls. Thank you for sharing your love Canada

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