Toward Day’s End at Digby Harbor


Like P.E.I.’s fame for its mussels harvest, Digby, N.S. is widely acclaimed as a source for some of the East Coast’s best scallops.  The Harbor in Digby is a bustling place as the local fishing fleet accounts for its daily labors.   These photos are from around dusk as things were winding down a bit.


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  1. In May 2011 we stopped at the Boardwalk Cafe in Digby and had wonderful scallops — as advertised — but also had the best rhubarb pie ever (and I’m not a great fan of rhubarb).

    • Harbors and small towns are great places for painting! I’ve always found watercolors tricky to do, so I truly admire when someone is able to render things in that medium.

  2. Living and working near harbors, I see boats all the time. These photos are home to me even though I live on the west coast, so much a part of what makes up Canada–it’s coastline. 😊 PEI and Nova Scotia have us beat when it comes to seafood. Love the photos.

    • So true about the coast! There’s always something to watch at a harbor. I’ve seen some big ones on the West Coast and it seems those on the East Coast of Canada are generally smaller (aside from say one major port in each of the Atlantic provinces).

  3. I’m from Nova Scotia yet now live in Denmark. I just discovered your blog and am so homesick. Thank you! Love the pictures and paintings. My son has spent many a summer in Digby and I have loved visiting him there. The small digby scallops are the best and whover mentioned rhubarb pie – I stock my freezer here in Denmark with rhubarb just so I can make it whenever I am homesick (Blueberry grunt also) Again, thanks for this..will be following!

    • Heather, thanks for your nice comments. Denmark is a long way from home, for sure. I didn’t realize rhubarb pie was such a thing so I need to check that out next time I’m up in Nova Scotia. Best, Brett

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