Lyssa Kayra’s Inspired Tree Ring Art

Vancouver's Winter (2015)

Lyssa Kayra, Vancouver’s Winter (2016)

Lyssa Kayra’s art is striking!  I love her skillful use of colors and her expressive creativity. Her imaginative large-scale paintings use the form of tree rings — the natural design of which alone makes an intriguing subject and which is suggestive of time and memory — as a means of conveying ideas about specific places that have influenced her.

More info about this wonderful young Vancouver-based artist and her gorgeous work can be found on her artist site here.

Anjuna Textile, India (2015)

Lyssa Kayra, Adjuna Textile, India (2015)


Berlin Wall (2015)

Lyssa Kaya, Berlin Wall (2015)


Sahara (2015)

Lyssa Kayra, Sahara (2015)


Purple Study (2016)

Lyssa Kayra, Purple Study (2016)



26 responses

  1. Brett, these are stunning. Some reminded me of India, all very much mandala style. Going on her website it isn’t surprising to learn that these were inspired by Indian textiles, the warmth of the Sahara and less obvious the graffiti neons of Berlin. Thank you for sharing. A visual delight!

    • Hi, Lyssa, thanks for taking the time to comment on my post about your wonderful work. Your exceptional art deserves greater attention and I know you have a bright future ahead of you! Thanks for putting into the world such inspired creative work! 🙂 All the best, Brett

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