The Atlantic Advocate – Part 1: Vintage Trade and Tourism Ads

Newfoundland Trademarks

The Atlantic Advocate was a general interest magazine published monthly from 1956 through 1992 with a focus on life, culture and business in the four Atlantic provinces — New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.  While browsing through a stack of issues from the late ’50s and early ’60s, one of the things that stood out to me was the enthusiastic boosterism of many ads promoting economic development and tourism in those places.  The fact that ads of this nature are so prominent in a general interest publication is partly a testament to the economic challenges long faced by the Maritimes and an appreciation by their relatively small populations of the significant impact of industry and natural resources development on daily life in their regions.


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  1. Now these are wonderful. For all the advancements we’ve made in the last 30-40-ish years, advertising is NOT one of them. (In my opinion, of course.) You just can’t match the appeal of a beautiful vintage ad!

  2. Some of these ads have an element of Socialist Realism, others speak of companies long gone. PEI has not changed much in its publicity over 50 years, still about Pink sand now RED sand and lobsters. A little sad really and a bit of a stereotype for this province.

  3. A fascinating look at a bygone world! These ads all seem to have an innocent and honest quality about them; far removed from the type of marketing being done today. Many thanks for posting them, Brett.

  4. I found the Reddy Kilowatt logo in Newfoundland to be mildly surprising, as I had thought that was strictly a BC Hydro ad gimmick. After doing a bit of research, however, I have discovered what others probably already know: that it Kilowatt was an American creation (duly patented) which was then licensed to various public and private utilities. Interestingly (to me, at least), when RK was animated, he was given voice by Walter Tetley (who also lent his voice to “Sherman” in the classic Mr. Peabody cartoon series). Thanks for this interesting post, Brett.

    • Thanks for sharing this interesting back story on Reddy Kilowatt, the electric stick figure guy. I was wondering about that too, as I’ve seen him used in ads for other Atlantic provinces around the same time. Always liked the Mr. Peabody and Sherman cartoons (as I recall there were some irreverent “Fractured Fairy Tales” as part of the cartoons associated with those two as well). 🙂

    • Yes, that’s a nice graphic. I almost didn’t scan that one in because it’s an unusual cover for that publication, which at the time mostly featured photos of people and sites from the provinces.

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