Bob Kebic’s Visual Landscape Poetry

Bob Kebic, No. 2136


Visual poetry is what comes to mind as I contemplate the highly saturated colors and rich textures of Bob Kebic’s impressionistic landscape compositions.  His paintings are truly exquisite and are reminiscent of the outdoors imagery popularized by certain of the Group of Seven artists, particularly that of Tom Thomson.   However, Kebic’s imaginative canvases reflect a contemporary sensibility by incorporating a subtle cubist stylization of distinctive squared-off “blocks” and edges within many of his works.

As this small sampling indicates, Kebic notably only titles his paintings with numbers, an approach that he regards as allowing each viewer to bring their own experiences of nature and landscape scenery to a piece without being overly influenced by a title that is tied to a location or that is otherwise suggestive.

You can see more of Kebic’s inspiring paintings at his official artist site and at the gallery sites for Toronto and Winnipeg’s Mayberry Fine Art and White Rock, B.C.’s White Rock Gallery.

Bob Kebic, No. 2143


Bob Kebic, No. 1028


Bob Kebic, No. 1095


Bob Kebic, No. 2007

(Image credits: Bob Kebic)

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67 responses

  1. These are great pieces. I usually read a post and maybe comment and then move on. I’m going to save this one for a while to come back and look at these paintings again – and maybe again.

  2. I looks to me like copies inspired from the Group of Seven (1920-1934). Very beautiful no doubt. Also a popular misconception Tom Thompson died in 1917 and was an inspiration in his natural landscapes for those who would form later in 1920 the Group of Seven. He was not part of that group. The National Gallery in Ottawa has a large collection of Group of Seven paintings well worth seeing.

  3. Looks like you haven’t posted in several month. I was wondering why I didn’t have notifications.

    For some reason, I liked this art. I suppose people often feel that way.

  4. Wow! These are amazing. I’ve lived in Canada most my life and I’m familiar with the Group of Seven which I love. These paintings are something else – I’m envious of anyone who understands color and it’s clear that Kebic does.

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