Robert McAffee — Artist to Appreciate

R. McAffee -- The Foot of the Falls

Robert McAffee, The Foot of the Falls

Toronto-based Robert McAffee’s contemporary landscape art is striking in many ways.  His lush scenes of the Canadian wilderness pay homage to the influences of several Group of Seven artists — notably Lawren Harris, Tom Thomson, A.J. Casson and Arthur Lismer.   McAffee seems to have internalized aspects of each with a resulting style that is wonderfully distinct from any one of them.  More about McAffee’s beautiful artwork and links to galleries that carry his pieces can be found at his website here.

R. McAffee -- The Three Sisters

Robert McAffee, The Three Sisters



R. McAffee, Fishing By the Rocks


R. McAffee -- North Shore Twisty

Robert McAffee, North Shore Twisty


R. McAffee -- Waterfall

Robert McAffee, Waterfall

(Image credits:  Artist’s website)

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31 responses

    • Penny, I’d not heard of Chatfield before and just looked up some of his work and I see what you mean. Thanks for making me (and others) aware of him.

  1. Thanks for these. I know YOU know, because you mention it in your entry about David Silcox’s book, but Tom Thomson was not one of ‘the group of seven’ but rather an eighth who died before they formed. McAffee has certainly picked up key elements from Harris and Thomson!

    • What’s particularly interesting is that Tom Thomson is almost always mentioned with them, so much so that maybe another slightly broader term to cover him would be appropriate. But, in any event, as with so many artistic traditions where influences and diving lines are often difficult to discern, a group-type label is both helpful and misleading up to a point.

  2. These are fabulous, Thanks for sharing!! I just took my second trip to Canada this past week, this time on the West coast, to explore Vancouver! I’m hoping to make it into Toronto soon!

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