Like Minnesota — Only Bigger?

Down here below the 49th parallel (north) we’re likely to learn a whole lot more about Canada this month as an incidental effect of the attention focused on the Vancouver Winter Olympics.  And to truly appreciate the country, you have to get a sense of the affable Canadian sense of humor.  In that spirit Bruce Headlam, a Canadian who is the Media Editor of The New York Times penned a humorous piece appearing in today’s Times entitled “Crib Notes on Canada, From a Canadian”, which pokes good-natured fun at his fellow countryman.  Among his observations that prompt a hearty chuckle, Headlam offers a list of notable dates in Canadian history, including this one:

“1867: Almost a century after America declares its independence from Great Britain through the bloody crucible of revolution, Canada declares its sovereignty after filling out the necessary paperwork.”

Enjoy the rest of the article here:

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