Stanley Park Totem Poles

Chief Skedans Mortuary Pole, Stanley Park, Vancouver

Chief Skedans Mortuary Pole, Stanley Park, Vancouver


Stanley Park is a beautiful, peaceful greenspace on a sprawling peninsula in the heart of bustling Vancouver.  The Park’s collection of native American totem poles is eye-catching and conjures marvelment and reverence at the creativity of the people of the Pacific Northwest that made these exquisite carvings.

In these photos from a trip there not long ago it was challenging to separate the poles from the surrounding trees so these don’t do justice to the majesty of these enduring artifacts.

Sky Chief Pole, Stanley Park, Vancouver

Sky Chief Pole, Stanley Park, Vancouver


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  1. Reblogged this on The Arts: Africa, Oceania, & America and commented:
    These Totem Poles are stunning! I can’t imagine what they would be like in person. They look so tall. My favorite has to be the Eagle with the outstretched wings. The colors and patterns on the wings are detailed and grab your eye. I wonder how tall these Totem Poles are!

  2. Thank you for the like Brett, initially a bit perplexed as to what tag may have attracted you to read about my mad ramblings and misiffs. Then epiphany ……. Recycle was probably the one that grabbed you 😉

    Delighted to have a Canadian read even a small portion of my blog as I refer to Canada as the Motherland. Maternal Grandmother from Calgary (never knew her) and my cousin in Vancouver plus Uncle who lived just about everywhere, he was heavily involved for First Nation peoples so of course your wonderful pictures of Totums stopped me in my tracks. Awesome! Have a happy weekend.

    • I agree that it’s an interesting thing how we all come upon bits here and there on the Internet. It was actually your “vintage” tag that led me to your post and site. The vintage fabrics and some of your beautiful uses of the fabrics then caught my attention once I happened upon the site. Very nice and full of creative expression and possibilities!

      I’m not Canadian, by the way — just an American that appreciates that country north of us. Thanks for your very nice comments.



  3. Reblogged this on ljoymichaelsen and commented:
    This blog caught my eye because of all the beautiful color. It’s amazing to see these gorgeous totem poles that represent so much for Native Americans. These specific totem poles are from the people of the Pacific Northwest.

    • Joy, thanks for your nice comments on my photos and this post. By coincidence, someone else earlier this month also reblogged this post on their site about the art of Africa, Oceania and the Americas (link: I’m guessing that each of you is studying the same thing and maybe even in the same class. In any event, that sounds like a wonderful class and I hope it’s an enriching learning experience. Best to you and enjoy your writing and exploring! Brett

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  5. As a result of you liking my blog I have now spent an enjoyable hour or so reading yours. Gorgeous photos . We visited Vancouver/Vancouver Island several years ago now but your photos are far better! I too work in Law in Cambridge England (secretary). You are wasted – you should have been a photographer !

    • Hi, Ali, thanks for your nice comments! I enjoy photography and just being generally curious, so I’m glad you found some things of interest here. Keep doing all the cool vintage and crafty things that you do and keep up with — that’s great stuff! All the best, Brett

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