Barns and Cottages of the Maritimes — Part 1


Rustic Red Barn, Near St. Croix Cove, Nova Scotia


Scenery does not get more picturesque than a rustic barn or cozy cottage situated against a body of moving water or a lush green field.  While hues of red seem to be the color of choice for barns and barn doors along the maritime coast and nearby farm fields, shades of grey, blue, yellow and a few other colors sometimes sneak in.  These barns, sheds and cottages from around Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are typical of the serene coastal and rural scenery throughout the region. (Click on image to enlarge.)

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    • Thanks so much! Nice to hear of the Maine connection. That state is one of my favorite places and I was just up there last month. I’m probably partial to the east coast of Canada largely because it reminds me so much of Maine.

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  2. Hi Brett, Now I know why you gave thumbs up to our photos of historic Madison (NH) barns at . Glad you liked the post on “Why Red Barns?” Your photography is lovely and this is a terrific site. Susan

    • Susan, barns are a terrific subject to write about and to photograph. I truly like your site. Keep posting the wonderful stuff that you do there. Best, Brett

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