Seeing Red

While recently browsing through some of my Canada photos I was struck by how often the color red made an appearance. Β In our visual vocabulary red adds drama and impact in many ways, as this sampling across different regions of Canada highlights.

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      • Hey Brett, just found the blog today….I’m really enjoying it. I’ve been to several places in the “red” collage. One of them, which is labeled as a Chester barn, is actually the Shelburne dory shop. And yes, the red works wonders on it.

        I’m wondering if you’ve ever heard of a book named The Clockmaker by Thomas Chandler Haliburton. For someone like you, it is a must read. Dating from 1834 it is thinly-veiled political commentary, wrapped up as humour. If you want a greater (historical) appreciation of the Canadian-American relationship this is worth reading. It is said that TCH influenced Mark Twain….

      • Mark, thanks for catching that — as soon as you pointed that out I recalled the location (and will fix the caption). Shellburne is a wonderful historic place and I shouldn’t have mixed it up with Chester (another lovely place).

        Thanks also for mentioning TC Haliburton’s book, which I’ve not heard of before and will now have to look into. Twain had quite the wit about him and if he thought well of the work then that’s high praise.

        Best, Brett

  1. Brett, I hadn’t thought about the red stand-out color of my country until seeing this post. As a matter of fact, now that you mention it, yes, Canadians do love red (ergo our flag as you have included)! Great post! Cher xo

  2. Love these photos, I really love the one of Red watermelon! It’s rather warm here today at 102 degrees, the thought of cold red watermelon is wonderful!

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  4. Hello Brett,
    Popping over from Monochromia to check out your blog.
    Red is one of my two favorite colors (and the color of my motorcycle). This is such a great series of shots. I really love the one of the telephone booth in the vineyard and the one of the tractor by the sea.

  5. As a printmaker, I usually work mainly in black and white, but often the addition of red can make a great deal of difference – even if it is only very subtly added. I liked your photos. Red is great. And thank you for liking my post Silent Epidemic. I’ll watch out your blog in future.

  6. You do realize that after reading this post everywhere I go all I’m going to see is the color red. Unless I plan to do a theme post, I might as well leave my camera at home. LOL.

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