Hello, Yellow . . .

Sun Carving by Local Artists David Taylor, Black Rock, N.S.

A collection of yellows from various photo outings across Canada to brighten the impending blue of winter.

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61 responses

  1. I love this yellow! That yellow dory….quintessential east coast image. This colour theme reminds me of the Fredericton photographer who sells at the Boyce Farmer’s Market these great colour-themed collections of local images.

    • Hi, Bob, thanks. Chattanooga is a terrific city. I’ve been there many times but I’ve not been to the Slicks restaurant that you profiled, but look forward to doing so. Best, Brett

  2. Like this collection for the colour and the juxtaposition of subject matter… guess they’d make good story prompts for those so inclined!

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  4. As someone who is more or less immersed in color and also likes to take photographs, you’re giving a great idea for a blog post of my own. Thanks! Yellow… it’s sooo cheerful.

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