Weathered Blue Barn

Rustic Old Barn, Phinney’s Cove, N.S.

Aside from its overall weathered appearance and striking shades of blue, this barn stands out for its second-story house-style doors and its slightly asymmetrical design with an upper window thrown in for good measure.

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  1. I love these old barns and am accustomed to seeing them in red. Blue makes it very welcome. Cool how the upper doors are secured with a beam so no one accidentally opens them and falls out!

  2. I check out your photos regularly, but don’t comment much. Just wanted you to know that I really enjoy your blog, both for the quality of photography and the education you provide about my country. To give one example, I’d never heard of your featured artist the other work, and was in love with her work.

    You might enjoy taking the Bella DesGagnΓ©s on her run from Rimouski to Blanc Sablon and back. She’s a freighter with passenger capacity, and the only surface transport into several communities on the lower north shore of the St. Lawrence. My son and I put the car in a shipping container last summer and headed to Labrador aboard Bella. The length of time in port depends entirely on the cargo transfer, but the trip is a photographer’s dream. Feel free to contact me if you’d like more info.


  3. I was delighted to see your new post of the beautiful blue barn. By coincidence I had just come back from travelling through a section of Southern Ontario (on the way to Bobcaygeon), a drive through many grey, decrepit and collapsing barns. I felt sad to see the last remnants of a dying landscape, so seeing your beautiful weathered, but still proudly standing, blue barn brought a smile of hope to my face.
    As a Canadian, I want to thank you for documenting this barn and also for all the other beautiful photos you post about Canada. I just discovered your blog recently and I am thrilled to see how you record the beauty of Canada. You are the best neighbour (spelled the Canadian way) that we could have. Thank you.

      • I really liked the red outline along the roof, Brett. You captured this on a slightly gray day which offsets and creates a special quality in your photograph. Thanks for mentioning the doors and window. I thought of how a person could heat this and insulate it for winter and use the loft as an upstairs and the idea of this just grew. 😊

  4. A wonderful structure! I like the contrast of the two different blues – and the previous reference to Crayola crayons is most apt. “Designed by a committee” – yes I agree with that as well!

    Thanks for posting it, Brett.

  5. I love ALL old barns and yes, like others stated, more are red. I’ve seen several blue ones myself but not this shape and your photo capture it perfectly.

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