Artist to Appreciate: Miyoshi Kondo

M. Kondo, Take Off 2011

Miyoshi Kondo, Take Off (2011)

Many of Miyoshi Kondo’s brightly colored gouache paintings may appear at first to convey images of pure whimsy, but looking deeper there is very thoughtful and wry commentary at work in her art.   Among the themes that Kondo explores in her recent art are concepts of home and place, our relationship to the environment, and how technology influences us in ways both positive and less than desirable.  Overall, I discern a strong sense of optimism that comes through in her art, which I think is reflective of this highly personable artist herself.

Originally from Toronto and a graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Kondo’s distinctive style is a wonderful example of the vibrant arts scene in and around the charming town of Wolfville, Nova Scotia, where she resides, and the province generally.  She is also among the many fine artists represented by the very progressive Argyle Fine Arts in Halifax.

More of Kondo’s terrific work can be seen at her official artist site here and at Argyle’s site here.

M. Kondo, Take Me Home 2016

Miyoshi Kondo, Take Me Home (2016)


Miyoshi Kondo, Life is A Highway (2017)


Miyoshi Kondo, Seaside (2013)


Miyoshi Kondo, Flight (2017)


Miyoshi Kondo, Excess Baggage Messenger (2017)


Miyoshi Kondo, Holdout (2015)


Miyoshi Kondo, Hung to Dry (2013)


Miyoshi Kondo, Over the Edge (2010)


Miyoshi Kondo, Red Rooves (2010)

(Image Credits: Miyoshi Kondo)

52 responses

  1. I am particularly taken by the obsolete technologies hung out to dry. I enjoy her wit. Thanks for alerting me to her. I think I did see some of her work in Halifax, but had forgotten it.

  2. You are right and at the first look it does appear very whimsy. I love when messages are conveyed through artwork and when they evoke us to dig deep and perhaps analyze our own progress or opportunities.

  3. These are lovely – I’m not familiar with her work. At first glance, they seem light and whimsical but upon closer inspection, they reveal a much deeper meaning, almost surreal.

    Thank you so much for drawing her to our attention, Brett.

  4. This was a wonderful collection of the fine, creative artist, Miyoshi Kondo. She has truly beautiful and thought-provoking pieces, Brett. I really studied some of these, especially “Hung to Dry.” Thank you.

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