Joy of the Blues

Nfld -- Boat on Grass

Small Fishing Boat, Near Port Rexton, Newfoundland

I love playing around with themes.  In an earlier post, I grouped together a bunch of my photos from across Canada that featured a strong element of red.  Today, I thought I’d do a similar thing with some photos that incorporate blues (of the uplifting kind).

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  1. Beautiful photos, Brett. Is the shuttered house at the same place as your masthead photo? It looks very similar. I can’t figure out which building block the view of the other or if they are from different time or if you’re just messing with me 🙂

    • Dan, thanks and you have a good eye! The house by the water is right next to the house on the masthead, but the angle of the two photos hides that although the surrounding shoreline and cliff sides give it away some. Both are in a fairly remote and quite beautiful area called Capstick in the far north of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. 🙂

  2. Wonderful presentation, Brett. Like the captions, locations. My son and family are currently vacationing in Nova Scotia and PEI. We are hoping to go next year. Your photos are an incentive. M:-)

    • Thanks! (I edited the name reference. 🙂 ) I hope your son is having a wonderful time — there’s much to see in those provinces that is gorgeous! Best, Brett

  3. i am wondering if blue pigment colours were easy to obtain or make in the past as most historical places or objects seem to have the same shade of blue….really interesting shots of ordinary things.

  4. Wonderful “blue-sy” images, Brett, and an equally wonderful variety – natural and man-made, urban and rural. You managed to capture so many different shades, too.

    (But personally, I could have done without the images from toronto – I have lived here for 10 years now and will never be a huge fan of “The Big Smoke” :() Just sayin…

  5. Blue is definitely the colour of Quebec. I grew up in Montreal and if I had to pick a colour that best suits it, I would certainly say blue. Lovely work. Thanks for posting it.

    • Caroline, thanks for noting that and that’s a nice way of expressing this. I think that’s an underlying idea that drives themed groupings, at least for me.

  6. As we say around these Texan parts, “Don’t that perty?” Or maybe we said it 50 yrs ago. BTW, my dad just visited Canada for 10 days (Ontario) and said: “Auto drivers are, as a rule, courteous AND At the beach, at the restaurant, at the grocery store, on the street never did I hear a screaming child, adults arguing, or profanity.” Surely Canada cannot be that perfect? 😉

    • Kerbey, well that’s a distinctive expression and one I’ve not heard before — glad you shared it.

      Reality is people are people just about everywhere, including Canada where there are all types. But I do think people there are generally more laid back than us folks south of that border.

  7. Those are great pictures as usual, love Canada. The main tackle shop, boat shed whatever by the water appears to have seen high water during many wet springs. We had a cabin at the lake at one time, during both high and low water. Everyone wanted the lake full of water, I often told people, be careful what you pray for. We had 3, 100 year floods in two years. The damage to homes and property was very high.

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