Experience Wonder


Blossoming Peach Grove, Wolfville, N.S.

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

                                                          ~ William Butler Yeats


24 responses

  1. That is a beautiful orchard. Some type of a cherry or plum? It would appear a very strong windstorm went through that area, when the trees were young and the roots were not deep yet. It seems they stand tilting to the right, that possibly is the direction of the ocean. Great camera work.

  2. “The perpetual ideal is astonishment” says George Elliot Clarke, much in the same spirit. Here’s to astonishment, wonder, and awe at the beauty of blossoms, fragrant zephyrs, and the marvellous moments around that abound. Thank you for sharing.

      • you’re too kind – also, my “astonishment” tends to look more like stunned spaced-outedness. let’s pretend the drool is part of the ecstatic state of being. =)

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