Shades of Toronto Graffiti (Part 3- Designs)

On the walls of Toronto some of the street art exhibits strong elements of design, such as these examples. I especially like the piece just above, which is painted on a piece of plywood tacked onto the side of a building.

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  1. These are bright and colourful, but personally, not my taste.

    Please, Brett, no more posts about toronto, at least for a while. A lot of Canadians (including myself) dislike this city – and I don’t want to read about it in a blog! (I only live here because of my job)

    You do such an outstanding job – but there are far more interesting places and topics in Canada to focus on!

    • Oh, my goodness, Richard, that’s funny! It’s certainly interesting for me to hear that perspective about Toronto and I get that the country’s largest city garners more than its share of attention. I try to vary the regions that I write and post about and there are plenty of other places I need to explore. Sadly, for my photography posts, I’m somewhat limited by where I’ve visited. Fortunately, though most photos (even the ones from Toronto) are more about the subject matter in the image rather than the place taken. 🙂

      • Thank you for your understanding, Brett and forgive me if my tone sounded overly harsh!

        You may or may not realize that toronto is the city that most Canadians “love to dislike” owing to its ongoing sense of self-importance. It touts itself as “world class” – on the same level as New York or London – but it’s anything but!

        I realize the challenges you face in finding interesting topics to post – but you do an amazing job of profiling our country – keep up the great work!

      • Richard, thanks for your refreshing comments. I can relate. I lived in New York City years ago and have seen big-city self-importance first hand and have seen it from afar living elsewhere for quite a while.

  2. I find street art fascinating. Not matter where you see it, in urban jungles around the world, it has a similar style, feel and presence. I’ll never forget the street art we saw in Santiago, Chile. It had one exception to the street art everywhere else: most murals had lots of eyeballs in it… hardening back to the pinochet days, when everyone was watched. Now street art there is an incredible expression of liberty and freedom, but it holds the reminder of the past in all the eyeballs.

  3. I saw plenty of graffiti on my recent trip to Spain and Portugal. These have some thought and imagination. Unfortunately little of it in Europe had any artistic merit.

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