Cameron Stevens’ Vintage-Style Canada Parks Posters

Cameron Stevens is a hugely talented graphics designer working in Ontario.  Several years ago he embarked on a project to design vintage screen-printed-style posters for a number of Canada’s national and provincial parks.  A few years later he’s now up to 58 gorgeous posters, each of which is characterized by a spare, consistent layout and muted pastel tints as evidenced by the sampling shown here.  Whether intentional or not, most also include a body of water, which is certainly reflective of the vast number of lakes, rivers and sea coasts throughout the country.

On his official Canada’s Parks poster art site, Stevens notes that he was inspired by the artwork produced by the U.S. Works Progress Administration (WPA) in the 1930s and 1940s to promote America’s National Parks.  His Canada Parks posters clearly harken back to that earlier era, as well as the time when the Canadian Pacific Railway blanketed the country with its highly stylized travel posters.  These contemporary posters with a vintage feel are beautiful to behold while bringing well-deserved attention to many of Canada’s spectacular outdoor treasures across its provinces and territories.  Stevens sells these as posters and prints, which can be accessed through the above official poster site and his graphics site.







(Images credit: Cameron Stevens)

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71 responses

  1. What a wonderful selection Brett. His work is really impressive. I was thrilled to see Mont Tremblant in the post. It is one part of very few areas of Canada that I’ve visited. I had a lakeside cabin whilst there and the earth trembled impressively for me, too!

  2. It seems odd the the legendary beauty of Canada needs to be advertised, but if it does, these examples add a layer of mysticism. Beautiful and evocative!

    • The images may be based on photos, but they’ve been manipulated to look like paintings or screen prints. These have a more emotional feel than a photo would capture and are good examples of where illustration sometimes surpasses what a photo can offer.

  3. I LOVE these. This vintage style has always evoked a feeling of calm for me, like a rainy day at camp when you’re lying on your cot reading as the smell of wet pine and damp earth drifts through the open window above your head.

  4. What beautiful work! From seeing some of these places IRL (Gros Morne, Fundy, Shuswap), he really captures the essence of each spot well! Definitely makes me want to pack my bags!

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  7. Hi Brett, those posters look beautiful – such a great idea! Thanks so much for all the wonderful posts, makes me want to visit Canada asap 😉 Katie

  8. Thanks for sharing and Amazing work!! Please check my blog out and I hope you enjoy what you read!! Thanks again!

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