Retro Winter Recreation and Travel Ads

Temperatures this far south, as well as the extreme cold gripping much of eastern Canada this week, leave no doubt that we’re deep in the heart of winter.  Because of this, my thoughts turn toward skiing, ice skating, hockey and other winter recreations and the many places above the 49th parallel — among them Banff, Quebec, Whistler, the Laurentians and Jasper — that are popular destinations for cold weather and snowy pastimes.  So, I thought I’d share some retro travel ads and posters touting these places and this season’s activities.  Many of these are from the Canadian Pacific Railway, which engaged in  a wide range of travel promotions for locations throughout Canada (and beyond).  The vivid graphics work their magic by conveying visions of boundless wintry pleasures.  Among the more distinctive of these works are those by Peter Ewart and Roger Couillard, two of the more notable artists commissioned for their attractive illustrations.  More Canadian Pacific travel posters may be seen here on an earlier O’Canada Blog post.

Image Credits:  Library and Archives Canada; Canadian Pacific Railway Archives

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  3. What a collection of art…all in one online site! Beautiful! I’m an author/editor and have been corresponding with a fellow author friend in Toronto…I’ll be sending her your site info of this incredible memorabilia! Thanks for all the hard work you put into this designing this design collection..

      • You’re welcome, Brett. My mother is an artist, and I just had to send her a link for this posting AND especially the Apple Barrels. My mother just turned 90 and gets around better than I do. She’s still painting and just got a German Shepherd puppy about 4 months ago. I know I won’t make it to her age, but I really want to see her turn 100! Thanks for brightening our day!

  4. I would love to buy many of these posters …
    Especialy those from Quebec city/province.
    I’m looking for large size ( +/-48″ x36″) posters.
    Where can I get those?

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