Let’s Visit Ontario!

Ontario Lakelands

This nifty selection of vintage travel posters do a nice job capturing many of the wonders to be experienced in Ontario.

Bungalow Camps Ontario Vacation Ottawa

Toronto United Air

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16 responses

  1. Love these posters–and they really hit home for me (being from Ottawa). I’ve spent all my summers cottaging in Ontario’s beautiful “lakelands”. Railway service to these parts is sadly non-existent today, and old cottages/lodges making way for modern “resorts”. But one of the greats, the Opinicon, is now up for sale. Check it out to see an original Ontario lodge–ice cream bar and all! Hopefully someone will buy it and preserve it (not tear it down) http://www.gordonsestateservices.com/property/opinicon

  2. We do have a rather nice province here. 🙂 Fantastic posters, Brett! I wish this type of illustration was still used today to advertise things and places. Such a shame not to see this kind of work anymore.

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  4. Very nice posters. Old posters truly are wonderful works of art. Aside from the images, the typefaces really do speak of another time in history. I had a wonderful experience working with a university collection of WWI posters and it was such a treat. Thank you for sharing these.

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