Ottawa in 30,000 Frames!

Given the most recent post about Ottawa, this seems as good a time as any to share a cool video tribute to that fair city that I came across several months ago while searching on Vimeo.  This is by Will Cyr, a former resident of Ottawa, and it’s amazing the way Cyr has captured the essence of the place so creatively and diligently — frame by painstaking frame.  Hope you enjoy . . .

Ottawa’s Guarded Location

Rideau Canal near Parliament Hill, Ottawa

I’m pretty good staying abreast of notable political developments, but in many conversations it’s usually a good idea to avoid discussions of politics and religion, and I try to adhere to that conventional wisdom.    However, given that politics is such a big part of the American and Canadian cultures and the fact that a federal election has been called by Canada’s current government, I thought during Canada’s version of what we in the States call the “silly season” I’d find a few political-related things about which to comment.

So, installment 1 is  about a piece of historical / political trivia about Ottawa of which I was unaware.  Given the prominence of Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary, among other major cities in Canada, I’ve wondered why it is that Ottawa is Canada’s capital city.  That question was partially answered for me during a conversation earlier this week from a couple of visitors from Toronto.  Continue reading

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