Splendid Farm Offerings at the St. Lawrence Market


Since the early 1800s, the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto has been a traditional marketplace for fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses and all manner of other agricultural products.  It’s a colorful and happily bustling scene that has the distinction of being named by National Geographic in 2012 as the world’s best  market.  Even if a matter of opinion, that’s high praise!  Snapping these shots between bites of a warm croissant graced with some local honey provided a relaxing hour’s idyll.




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    • Hendrik, thanks for sharing this good additional information. I’ve been to Vancouver several times and next visit will make a point to seek out the market you mention.

  2. Let me know if you ever make it out to Alberta, Brett! We have a tremendously vibrant, burgeoning Farmer’s Market culture here in the capital city (Edmonton), and I’d love to take you on a tour! And in true Prairie fashion, many of them move indoors through the winter months – because shopping in -35C is best done with central heating 🙂

    • Sydney, there’s much about Alberta and, specifically, Edmonton (a city I’ve yet to visit), that I want to explore. Thanks for mentioning this market (and the reminder of the chilling winters, which make me marvel at the people who are able to endure it.)

      • Thanks Brett! We are a fairly hardy lot, it’s true. Case in point: it’s been snowing in various parts of the province the last few days. We got some snow a couple of days ago. I, personally, am unimpressed! It won’t last … I hope. But I think that’s part of why Edmonton is so vibrant, oddly enough – and why the local food scene is growing by leaps and bounds. There’s (finally) a recognition that the same tough climate that breeds resilience also spurs creativity: short but mighty growing seasons, hardy varieties of veggies and fruits, unique finds for locavores (Bison! Elk!) … Community and urban gardens … The list goes on. I hope you do visit … Twice (you need to see the place in +30C AND -30C weather to really appreciate it!)

  3. Did you have a peameal bacon sandwich from Carousel Bakery at St. Lawrence Market? My favourite Toronto sandwich when I lived there for 25+ years and when I visit now for family. In fact, you and I might have been at the Market at the same time since I was in Toronto for a few wks. around this blog post publication.

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