Manhole Covers Roundabout Saint John


Another installment of these cast iron circles, this time from Saint John, New Brunswick.

Hard to say for certain, but I found this group a bit grittier than those in other places.



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  1. I don’t see manhole covers around the US much anymore. And I don’t remember seeing any that were decorative. That’s a creative hobby to have, taking pictures of interesting manhole covers.

  2. In Sheffield (UK) we have an enthusiast when it comes to drain/manhole/access covers and several times a year he takes people on walks exploring the covers and how they relate to the history of Sheffield and the local area. He calls the walks Drainspotting and has published a book of the same title. He knows his subject and has clearly done lots of research. I have been on one of his walks and it was fascinating. A history revealed by something that most of us might take for granted and pass by without a thought. I posted some images from last years walk on the link below if you are interested.
    Best wishes
    Mr C 🙂

    and should you be interested here is the link to Calvins Drainspotting book:

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