Vintage Canadian Apple Crate Labels

Ogopogo Apples


In the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia and many places in between, Fall is harvest time from coast to coast for Canada’s rich variety of apples.    That variety is also reflected in the colorful artistry of numerous vintage apple crate labels — such as the incredible OgoPogo one above — which recently caught my eye and which I thought would be worth collecting here to share.  (You can click through the slides below.)

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Thanksgiving and a Taste of Fall at the Local Market



Fall bursts forth with dappled reds, glowing oranges, bright yellows and other striking shades to complement the muted greens lingering from Summer.  These pics from a visit to a local farm stand near Upper Burlington, Nova Scotia nicely capture the Fall spirit and provide a nice lead into Canada’s upcoming Thanksgiving weekend and this Monday’s holiday.







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