Vintage Canadian Apple Crate Labels

Ogopogo Apples


In the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia and many places in between, Fall is harvest time from coast to coast for Canada’s rich variety of apples.    That variety is also reflected in the colorful artistry of numerous vintage apple crate labels — such as the incredible OgoPogo one above — which recently caught my eye and which I thought would be worth collecting here to share.  (You can click through the slides below.)

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  1. Ahh .. they don’t make ads like this anymore … and yet, it would most probably be well received as the babybooners (?) make up a great part of the population. Thanks for these! 🙂

  2. But it saddens me that a lot of the apple /peach orchards in the Okanagan Valley, B.C. are gone and in place of more “cash” crops like vineyards for wines..

    Great labels showcase.

    • Jona, thanks. It’s interesting to observe how Canada is handling its difficult history with aboriginal peoples. Closest analogy seems to be the issues of racism in America and our own unfortunate history when it comes to native peoples here, full of mistakes and tragedy. As best I can tell, though, the Canadian people appear to be dealing with much of this head on, even recently issuing official apologies.

      • Oh, that’s good to hear. I live in Europe so we don’t really have these kind of problems. Well, I live in Germany perhaps we can relate to that pretty good. I witness mostly ignorance on behalf of Americans regarding the genocide of native Americans. But well, not my cross to bear.

  3. Wonderful! I used to have some labels from U.S. growers out of Washington and Colorado. I’ve long been impressed by the effort that went into the designs.

    As for being offered an apple by a serpent–now, will that give me the wisdom of the gods?

    • Jennifer, thanks and they do have neat design elements going on! I’m not sure about where to purchase such things but ebay might be a resource. Happy antiquing! Best, Brett

      • Thanks — going to check out ebay. I’d love to reproduce them somehow into prints or cards. The colors are awesome and they are so different.

        BTW love your blog. I have traveled to Canada many times as a kid and an adult. Nova Scotia and Banff remain my favorite areas. Great up there.

        Have a great week!

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  5. You zapped me back to the prairies in the late 1940s, when the arrival of new season apples in wonderful wooden crates was a big deal for young me. I can still taste those crisp, juicy Macintosh apples. Thanks for the memory …

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